Posted: 10 months ago

Rising Demand for Luxury Bonsai Trees in Georgia

The market for bonsai trees is booming in Georgia, experiencing not only a rise in general demand but also a notable shift towards more expensive and intricately designed miniature trees. According to Nikoloz Meskhi, the manager of the "Bonsai" company, the growing popularity of these arboreal artworks is driving up their market value.

"The customer base has been expanding annually, but from the onset, the demand has consistently outstripped our supply capabilities," Meskhi told Business Insider. "What has evolved over time is an increasing appetite for more specialized, unique, and high-priced bonsai trees. Consumers are now willing to pay considerably more than they were five years ago."

Meskhi attributes the heightened demand primarily to corporate gifting, though individual enthusiasts who appreciate Japanese culture are also significant contributors to the market. Furthermore, Georgian-grown bonsai trees have started to attract international interest.

"Last year, we introduced lecture-excursions on Airbnb aimed at foreign visitors interested in the art of bonsai. As a result, three to four bonsai trees were sold to tourists who then transported them abroad at their own expense," Meskhi revealed.

The company's overarching objective is to popularize the ancient Japanese practice of cultivating miniature trees using specialized techniques within Georgia. To that end, Bonsai has future plans to collaborate with hotels and other public spaces, aiming to bring these tiny horticultural wonders into communal areas.

"By positioning bonsai trees in places where people gather, we aim to deepen the appreciation for this art form and make it more accessible to the general public," said Meskhi.

As the market for these meticulously crafted trees continues to flourish, it seems that the cultural and commercial landscape for bonsai in Georgia is poised for significant growth.