Posted: 1 year ago

Revival of Paragliding: Summer Resumption Anticipated Under Refreshed Regulations

After enduring a standstill of nearly ten months, paragliding is slated to make a thrilling comeback this summer, invigorated by a fresh set of regulations.

Stakeholders within the industry are optimistic that their rigorous preparatory work will enable enthusiasts to participate in this dynamic sport once the season commences.

The Chairman of the Georgian Paragliding Federation, Irakli Kapanadze, revealed that they have established four expert commissions. These teams will thoroughly investigate pertinent issues till the 9th of June. Subsequently, there will be a phased retraining of pilots, identification of suitable flying locations, and the kick-off of flights.

Kapanadze expressed his hopes for the future, saying, "We aspire to continually fine-tune and modify this regulation to ensure maximum convenience for all those keen on paragliding. This will cover commercial pilots, sportspeople, leisure pilots, as well as visiting pilots. It's bound to elevate our country's reputation and foster the growth of this sport."

Pilots appreciate the new guidelines, acknowledging that they cater to their requests, yet, they also anticipate potential challenges.

Giorgi Mebaghishvili, a seasoned pilot, noted that flight permissions to locations that previously hosted commercial flights would be granted only if those sites passed mandatory accreditation and adhered to the established safety standards.