Posted: 1 month ago

Results of Work From Georgia- 1117 Freelancers Entered the Country withing the Program

Since the launch of the Work from Georgia project, 3,129 foreigners have been registered, of which 501 applicants have been rejected.

From the number of received applications belong to:

58% - Freelancer
29% - Full-Time Employee
13% - Entrepreneur

According to the administration, the applicants registered under the project represent more than 90 different countries by citizenship.

Top countries include USA, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, UK, Canada. From received applications: 2291 - registered human applications have been confirmed, 501 registered human applications have been rejected, 1117 persons have already entered Georgia within the framework of the program.

Citizenship applicants belong to the following countries: USA, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Canada, etc. 1117 people accepted in the country is equal to 8936 nights in a quarantine hotel, which is equal to the income received up to 2 000 000 GEL considering the average cost ($50).

1117 people entering the country on average in a period of 6 months is equivalent to a potential expenditure of more than 14 million US dollars.