Posted: 3 years ago

Rauscedo Vine Seedling Farm to Share Its Experience to Georgian Winegrowers

Organized by Green Solutions company, on January 30, the worldwide distinguished vine seedling farm ROUSCADO will hold a meeting with Georgian winegrowers and winemakers. At the meeting the company representatives will introduce virus-free Georgian vine seedlings and update Georgian winegrowers about the breeding rules.

ROUSCADO is the world’s major vine seedling farm, which sells about 85 million seedlings a year, Roman Chkhenkeli, founder of Green Solutions noted.
Several years ago ROUSCADO company launched a project and exported seedlings of various Georgian vines, cleaned 10 of them from viruses, including Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Kakheru Green and offered them to the market in this way. 

We want to introudce these products to your market and talk about the advantage of European, high-quality seedlings. The presentation will be held by the company members and about 40 domestic wingrowers and winemakers will attend it. We can also invite interested winegrowers to Italy and show them the vine breeding process”, ROMan Chkhenekeli noted.