Posted: 4 years ago

Radisson Collection Hotel Opened in the Historical Land of Tsinandali

Another international-standard hotel has opened in Georgia. The new hotel complex Radisson Collection equipped with the latest modern infrastructure is about to launch operations in Tsinandali. This first branded hotel in the Kakheti Region was opened today by Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.

The Head of Government thanked Silk Road Group for implementing this project and pointed out the unique location selected for the hotel.

“This exceptional location, along with a mix of old and modern architectural styles, make this gorgeous complex truly special and unique. It is also exciting that Silk Road Group, by implementing unique projects, puts Tzinandali in the spotlight of the world’s cultural life, as it hosts world-class musicians and has emerged as a new center of Georgian culture. It is no coincidence that the best traditions of Georgian culture continue here in Tzinandali, near the Chavchavadzes Palace, where cultural life brimmed with activity as early as the 19th century. In addition, classical Georgian viniculture originated here in the Tzinandali Estate, and it is here that our winemaking traditions spanning 8,000 continue today, with European viniculture also taking root,” Mamuka Bakhtadze stated.

According to the Prime Minister, it is rewarding that this tradition continues, that classical European and traditional Georgian kvevri methods of winemaking coexist in Tsinandali, and the historical vineyards of the Tsinandali Estate have been revived.

The Head of Government thanked the Partnership Fund of Georgia, the project’s financial supporters, and every representatives of different branches of art involved in the creation of this beautiful infrastructure.

“This unique place offers everything to make Tsinandali an attractive year-round destination for visitors and tourists. We especially prize the establishment of sites of this kind because they, among others, promote the development of family-run hotels in Georgia. Judging by European experience, it is around such strong and gorgeous complexes that smaller hotels and family-run hospitality businesses flourish, and we will always support such programs. I am convinced that this exceptional complex in its entirety, with its hotel, concert halls, historical vineyards, and wine from the Tsinandali Estate, will make a tremendous contribution to the promotion of our country, including its positioning as the cradle of wine. Our Government welcomes and supports the idea of such initiatives, because we understand well the purpose of such centers. Projects of this scope always have a spillover effect, such as new jobs, attraction of private investments, development of tourism, services, and businesses, which make up one of the key preconditions of the country’s progress,” Mamuka Bakhtadze emphasized.

According to the Prime Minister, the demand on hotel complexes of this class is continuously growing, which is primarily indicative of the fact that Georgia is progressing, developing, and acquiring an absolutely unique role in our geographic area.

“Historically, Georgia has always been the region’s cultural and educational center. You are all aware of my, as Prime Minister’s, and my Government vision of transforming Georgia into the regional hub, to reclaim its historical glory. Georgia absolutely must be a cultural center, a bearer of culture, as befits our glorious and honorable past,” the Prime Minister underlined.

Along with the high-end hotel with 142 rooms, the Tsinandali Complex also features an amphitheater, a concert hall, a winery equipped with the latest technology, and restored vineyards.