Posted: 2 weeks ago

Qvevrula to Build Qvevri Enterprise in Chiatura with 5 Million GEL Investment

In the village Mandaeti, Chiatura Municipality, the founders of the company Qvevri - 4 partners plan to build enterprise manufacturing Qvevri without beeswax.

The co-founder and CEO of the company, Aleksandre Chinchaladze mentioned, that enterprise will start functioning in July and initially, it will be able to employ 50 people.

According to him, the demand for Qvevri made without beeswax is high and this is the reason why partners decided to invest in this project.

"There is a demand on both local and export markets, however, we will enter the local market first, where large wine producers and small wineries express the interest. 

The factory will be placed on 3 hectares of the territory. The project also envisages setting up ancillary sites. The construction works are already underway, and after completion, it will be able to produce 200 one-ton pitchers, and after a year the productivity will increase from 5 to 7,000 pitchers.", noted Aleksandre Chinchaladze.

After launching the enterprise, the factory will employ 200-250 people in 2022 and it is also planned to export the production of Qvevrula.

"As for the exporting markets, Czech Republic, France, and Italy expressed interests.", declared Aleksandre Chinchaladze.