Posted: 1 month ago

Qvevri Wine Cellar Plans to Build New Cellar and Cultivate Vineyards

Qvevri Wine Cellar works on opening a new cellar and cultivating a vineyard, with which using a preferential loan is ensured. 

As a founder of the company, Ivane Nareklishvili mentioned with BM.GE, new cellar will enable them to produce up to 50,000 bottles of wine in 2021.

In the future, adding sparkling wine for assortment is also considered.

The company was founded in 2015, while it started to function actively in 2016.

With the Kakhetian Technology, Qvevri Wine Cellar produces seven varieties of cellar wine. The wines are produced in the village Velistsikhe and currently, its annual production reaches 30,000 bottles of wine. As the founder defined, the wine is exported to both local and international markets.

"Approximately 70% of our production is exported. In this regard, the pandemic caused no damage for us. Production is exported to Japan, the U.S, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and France."

Currently, the negotiations are underway with England.

Apart from this, Qvevri Wine Cellar is part of the HORECA sector on the local market. Purchasing production in the local market is possible in the range of 17-45 GEL.

Currently, the company employs 5 people. The initial investment of the project was 50-70,000 GEL.