Posted: 1 month ago

QooQy Bakery Plans to Open Third Branch in Tbilisi

QooQy Bakery already has two branches in Tbilisi, on Vazha Pshavela and Irakli Abashidze Avenue. 

"We knew that this difficult period would pass soon, everything was stopped and if we used this period correctly, after the end of the difficulties, we would be one step ahead of the others. We wanted to express ourselves in this area: there was a huge loss of service and quality in this area and we wanted to fill it and do everything ourselves.", noted co-founder of QooQie Bakery, Ilia Geferidze.

QooQie Bakery offers customers 54 types of cakes and sweets, 23 types of bread products, and 10 types of coffee.

"We produce high-quality cookies, and bread made from natural yeast. As for the raw materials, part of them is from Georgia, and the rest of it is brought from France."

Sweets and various baked goods can also be purchased through the delivery service. The company plans to add a new branch at another location in Tbilisi, and later - in the regions.