Posted: 5 months ago

"Qartuli" – A Genuine Georgian Culinary Experience Launched in Dubai

Dubai's culinary landscape has welcomed a new addition – "Qartuli," a restaurant offering an authentic Georgian dining experience. Unlike the many Georgian-themed restaurants in Dubai, "Qartuli" is distinctively Georgian, both in its creation and its culinary offerings, focusing on traditional flavors and homely hospitality.

Before establishing "Qartuli," Shevardnadze and her partner started a delivery service in Dubai, employing five chefs from Gori. Despite operating with a limited menu, the venture quickly gained popularity, leading to the expansion and establishment of the restaurant.

A week ago, "Qartuli" opened its doors in the heart of Dubai, positioned near iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The restaurant invites guests to savor Georgian home-cooked meals in an ambiance reminiscent of 19th-century Georgia.

"We've transported almost everything, including vintage dishes, from Georgia to ensure that our guests feel transported to a 19th-century Georgian home. Though we’ve only been open a week, the response to our food and decor has been overwhelmingly positive. 'Qartuli' really embodies the Georgian spirit," explains Shevardnadze.

She added that despite the competitive business environment in Dubai, their focus on a homely concept and delicious cuisine sets them apart. While they didn't disclose the initial investment, the success has led to increased staffing, including chefs and cooks from Georgia, despite the diverse nationalities of other staff members.

Looking ahead, "Qartuli" aims to expand its unique concept across the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and several European countries, confident that their distinctive approach to Georgian cuisine will resonate globally.