Posted: 5 years ago

Project Management Institute Launches Official Representation in Georgia

The official representation of one of the largest professional associations, Project Management Institute (PMI), has been launched in Georgia.

The opening ceremony was attended by both local and international top managers of the public and private sectors, the founders and members of the PMI representation to Georgia, and professionals operating in the project management sphere.

The representatives of PMI state that their main goal is to support professional progress and development. Tamar Matchavariani, founder and Director of Communications of the PMI representation to Georgia, claims that the project management sphere is underdeveloped in Georgia and thus they are working actively to increase public awareness and support professionals.

“We have been collaborating with PMI for four years to launch this representation,” Matchavariani said. “It proved to be an active, busy and fruitful period. The presence of this representation in Georgia is vital, as project management is not of those fields which are developed here. Our main goal is to contribute to the existence of more certified project managers and their involvement in large projects, implementing in Georgia. That will dramatically improve the outcomes and efficiency of ongoing projects in Private and Public sectors. All of this is to positively reflect on the country’s economy as a result.”

The PMI representation to Georgia was founded in 2018 and brings together holders of of the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, operating in different spheres, in local and international leading organizations. In addition, the representation is actively collaborating with the representations of PMI across the Europe.

The President and Founder of PMI, Lela Machaidze, says that the organization will support to the development and implementation of project management strategy and methodologies across Georgia.

“It is to be a place enabling us to share knowledge and experience, and to communicate with project managers of various fields and sectors. We will hold conversations regarding the challenges and requirements in the project management direction, and the flaws we can mutually work on,” Machaidze noted.

PMI was established in 1969 and has since represented the largest, non-commercial, membership-based professional association. The Institute brings together more than 700,000 professionals worldwide, creates values through advocacy, cooperation and education for 2.9 million individuals from almost all countries worldwide. PMI supports professionals in terms of progressing in their career, while it assists organizations to achieve success. The Institute strengthens the profession of project management through the creation of internationally recognized standards, certifications, resources and tools, as well as academic research, publications, courses of professional development and professional communication.