Posted: 5 days ago

Production of Surfboard in Georgia to Begin in the Near Future

The Georgian inventor received a patent for a surfboard, which he plans to export.

According to Sakpatenti, the National Center for Intellectual Property - Sakpatenti has issued a protective document on a useful model, the technical result of which is to simultaneously increase the safety and convenience of the surfboard, both on the water surface, as well as during transportation and storage.

The useful model, created by inventor Givi Kevlishvili, belongs to the sports-entertainment equipment and can be used for both sports competitions and comfortable leisure. The proposed surfboard is less tiring for the user, is characterized by high durability and has the ability to achieve high speeds.

"The idea came to me while I was at the Tbilisi sea. My wish was to create a device that would allow me to relax and walk on the waves so that the sun would not bother me and it would be easy to carry, ”said Givi Kevlishvili.

The inventor is currently working on a design, the next step of which is to successfully test-release the surfboard. The device is intended for export and seaside countries have been selected for sale.

A model is essentially a small invention and has less stringent requirements for patentability criteria than an invention, although the rights deriving from a utility model patent are similar to the exclusive rights granted by an invention patent. The validity period of the utility model patent on the territory of Georgia is 10 years.