Posted: 1 month ago

ProCredit Bank to Introduce its Own Solar Power Plant

ProCredit Bank introduced another innovative green project. In the center of Tbilisi, on the roof of Aleksander Kazbegi #21, the head office of ProCredit Bank, solar panels are located in an area of 500 sq.m territories. They already started to generate electricity.

As a result of this green investment, 130,000 kWh of clean energy will be generated annually, which means that 12% of the bank's total energy will be replaced with alternatives.

Within the framework of the project, this action will be reflected in digital indicators, in particular, through the solar power plant, information on reduced emissions and other saved resources will be recorded in real-time and available for anyone on the bank's facade screen.

Eco Direction is the strategic part of ProCredit Bank. This is reflected in bank's daily operations.

"We try our best to promote environmentally friendly initiatives while implementing them. The demand for energy is growing day by day, therefore, we decided to implement significant and sustainable investment in a solar power plant. Unlike fossil fuels, renewed energy is inexhaustible and highly environmentally friendly. The alternative energy is our future and this future investment is already implemented in ProCredit Bank as a successful example.", declared Alex Matua, CEO of ProCredit Bank.