Posted: 3 months ago

President of ADB Declares Support for Georgia for Fighting Against COVID-19

Masatsugu Asakawa, President of the Asian Development Bank and Minister of Finances of Georgia, Ivane Matchavariani discussed the matters of potential contributions towards COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia.
"ADB declares full support for Georgia in this tough situation. We consider every probable version, to help the country fastly and efficiently.", noted president of ADB, Masatsugu Asakawa.
"ADB is prepared to work together with main partners and government to help the damaged economy, which will give an opportunity to the country to take care of the most damaged part of society. Also, we work on helping the private sector."

Minister of Finances, Ivane Machavariani thanked president of ADB for the support and intensive communication.

"During the global crisis as a result of the pandemic, For Georgia support of international financial institutes has a vital importance.", noted the Minister.