Posted: 2 years ago

Presentation of Rebranded Natakhtari Beer Held at Publica Art House

The company Natakhtari has presented the renewed Natakhtari Beer.

Natakhtari General Director Cuneyt Arat and the Director of the company’s Corporate Affairs, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, introduced the news and other implemented projects to invited guests in an informal and pleasant environment at Publica Art House.

The Natakhtari beer was renewed for the fourth time in existence this year. This time, special attention was paid to the improvement of the brand symbols, with the topography of the word Natakhtari and its main symbol, the crown - which united the original name and the concept of the beer, both altered. Because the brand concept is 100% beer, the description of beer production process now has a special place on the packaging. The premiere of a new promo video was also held at the event.

“At Natakhtari, we believe that beer is not just a “drink” and we are not just brewing a product to consume, we believe that part of our job is to create ‘pleasure moments in life,” Cuneyt Arat told the guests. “Natakhtari is one of the oldest beers in Georgian market that has been consumed with that pleasure by most of the Georgian consumers and honored as the leader of the beer market for so many years.”

“Natakhtari beer was first made 14 years ago, and we have been the market leader since,” Nikoloz Khundzakishvili noted. “To match that important status, we feel we have greater responsibility towards consumers and the Georgian beer industry in general. Based on the trends in the modern market, we decided to create a new design for the whole line, label and logo of Natakhtari. Important factors are that Natakhtari as a leading brand also responsible for developing the beer industry. On the reverse of the new label the whole process of beer production is written so as to increase awareness of beer. We are really proud to produce a high quality Georgian product, using natural ingredients and natural Natakhtari water.”

"We tasted the renewed beer Natakhtari presented and I can say with pride that the quality is no less than that of German or Czech production. I think it is an interesting and attractive product on the Georgian market. Today is confirmation that Natakhtari develops at a very fast pace and increases the quantity and volume of concrete products on the market,” said Giorgi Katcharava, Executive Director of Georgia-EU Business Council.

“Natakhtari has good communication with customers; has done for years. Such an approach determines that Natakhtari, as a Georgian brand, holds an important place on the country's market. It also has loyal customers as it possesses a very high level of trust,” says Deputy Business Ombudsman Levan Kalandadze.

The brand’s history and an installation of beer brewing simulation were also presented at the event. The audience had an opportunity to get full information about the professional tasting and assessment of beer.

Nodariko Khutsishvili with a band provided music at the event.

The first Natakhtari beer was fabricated in 2005. In 2009, the company became the leader of the Georgian beer market and for ten years has maintained its stable leadership position.