Posted: 3 weeks ago

Pottery as a Way of Sculpting the Inner World - Nano Ceramics

Naniko Svanidze's fine art objects delve into the depth of the timeless space filled with intangible ideas.

As a founder of Nano Ceramics, she shares positive emotions and energies as a turning point for her work, which inspires her to load work with unconditional love, through which, every item has its own soul.

"I somehow always had a feeling of enchainment with nature, as if the proximity to the land have me great strength, and as a result of professional changes, be it in Georgia or abroad, I was experiencing an internal loss. It was in the process I realized that working on clay would allow me to sculpt the inner world.", noted Naniko Svanidze with CBW.

Then, she took a course on ceramics and continued to study this subject thoroughly abroad. 

"When I returned to the country, I set up my own studio, and soon, Nano Ceramics was established.

She has been actively involved in this field for the last two years.

"My work does not have any particular direction. I put emotions in each of them. I create both everyday items and decorations and keep an eye on tendencies."

As for the pandemic, she says, it gave her a particular inspiration.

"I wanted to create something, which would give me strength, light me up and bring positive to my home. This is where I came up with the idea of sculpting a sun-shaped mirror, which I hanged on my wall. It had a great response, customers who bought it shared the exact emotions that I put into creating process. The fact, that my feelings do directly go to the people, makes me very happy."

Nano Ceramics includes a wide range of items and the brand often collaborates with customers.

"I try not to limit the works only to ceramics and I do mix with different materials. For example wood, mirror, etc.", noted Naniko Svanidze.

As for the main value of this profession, she mentioned that clay is one of the most precious things that nature gives us.

"This was the matter that made me think before I got into pottery. I value the fact that nature gives us clay, and we can transform it into a work of art."

Things she enjoys while working is at first her studio, the aura, thoughts, the music, and hands, that are capable to do everything. 

Within the individualistic manner, she thinks that brands similar to Nano Ceramics are distinguished by their own nature.

"I have great respect for all artists, therefore I believe that each of us is distinguished by certain individual traits."

The production of Nano Ceramics is available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy.

"Currently, I have students and plan to expand the brand. Everyone who wants to study pottery thoroughly I want to satisfy the interest of everyone who wants to study pottery thoroughly. Once, I was a student and as a result of hard work, I went to teaching. This is the reason why I want to create all kinds of conditions for my students.

I also got an offer from abroad, where I will hold a masterclass for ceramics.