Posted: 5 months ago

Postred Starts New Year with the Status of an International Company

ENTREPRENEUR was interested in what 2021 taught Georgian companies, what issues to re-evaluate and what they looked at from a different angle.

Beso Kacharava, the founder of POSTRED, shared his experience on these topics:

After last year, a rather turbulent year, we have spent this year in a more orderly and calm manner. With many exciting news, we have actually completed the transformation process from a local company to an international company, which we are very pleased with.

The main challenge for the company in 2021 was to decide whether to become bigger or more prestigious. In other words, we were faced with a dilemma - would we have a service that we would offer to many, if we had a premium service that we would offer only to those who needed a product of exceptional quality. We chose the latter, which was quite a difficult decision. We had to give up many exciting initiatives and many good partnerships, but we realized that if you do service, it is always better to maintain quality, even at a high price, than to try to increase production and drop quality. Since we, the team members, are artists ourselves, it was a nice choice because we now have the opportunity to work only on projects that we like.

The pandemic for our field has even turned out to be encouraging. It made it much easier for us to convince clients of the effectiveness of working remotely and for them to agree on an intercontinental partnership.

The pandemic in our field has shown the industry that we can work much more internationally, which even the end of the pandemic can not change. So I can boldly say that the transformation we experienced during the pandemic will be even more helpful after the pandemic is over.

I would like to point out that the main story of 2021, of which we are especially proud, is to establish partnerships and deepen relationships with the world's leading studios.

In my opinion, 2022 will be a new beginning for the world and also for business. I hope the pandemic can no longer be as severe and dangerous as it was in previous years and can no longer hinder business significantly. I expect this 2022 to be a year of revival. Our company will start in 2022 with the status of an international company, which I am very happy about. Also, we have quite a few plans that you will definitely come up with when we can talk about it.