Posted: 2 years ago

Phubber Receives 650,000 GEL Grant from GITA

Phubber received a 650,000 GEL grant from Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency.

Phubber is the first Georgian digital marketplace that connects people who want to buy and sell clothes, accessories, and self-care products. This is a platform where one can discover Georgian designers’ collections, authentic brands, vintage pieces, Mass-market brands’ outlets, and pre-loved items.

The application already has more than 120,000 registered followers and more than 40,000 items were sold with a total value of 5,100,000 GEL.

The startup is a beneficiary of GITA's 100,000 GEL co-funding grant program. Together with GITA, the company also attracted $400,000 investment from one of the developers of WhatsApp. The process is underway for an additional $ 200,000. In total, including the GITA grant, the company has attracted $700,000, which will be spent on technology development and exploration of new markets. Phubber will enter the Ukrainian market in August.