Posted: 2 months ago

Phubber for Ukraine - Georgian Platform Returns to Ukraine with a New Project

Georgian clothing and accessories sales platform Phubber is returning to the Ukrainian market with a new project to help the Ukrainian people and manufacturers. From May, Georgian consumers will be able to buy clothes and accessories made by Ukrainians on Phubber.

Giorgi Chugoshvili, the co-founder of the company, told BM.GE that the initiators of the new project were Ukrainian employees of Phubber. The online sales platform entered the Ukrainian market in August last year, however, after the start of the war, the company's 7-member Ukrainian group temporarily stopped operating. Giorgi Chugoshvili says that local producers in Ukraine are already trying to revive their production, which needs support.

"Most of the Ukrainian producers were focused on the domestic market, but their purchasing power has decreased and now they still do not have the opportunity to buy clothes and accessories. That's why they need sales outside the country.

We decided to offer their tasteful, quality, and affordable products to Georgian consumers first, that is, we decided to connect the Ukrainian supply with the Georgian demand, ”said Giorgi Chugoshvili.

For this, a Ukrainian section will appear in the Phubber app from the beginning of May.

Giorgi Chugoshvili says that by supplying clothes and accessories from Ukraine to Georgia, Phubber will become part of the international shipping chain, which will allow it to sell and export items placed on the online sales platform in other countries.