Posted: 3 years ago

Philip Morris Georgia: IQOS Officially Enters the Georgian Market

IQOS will be available on the Georgian market from July 27th, 2020.

Despite the global efforts and taken measures to promote smoking cessation, there are 1,1 billion smokers in the world currently, and as WHO supposes, more than 1 billion people will continue to smoke for the year 2025.

Tobacco users deserve better choices, which will help them to replace traditional cigarettes.
On July 7th, the FDA authorized the heated electronic tobacco system, IQOS, which received the approval of marketing as a modified risk tobacco product. 

"The decision of FDA is an important example of how it is possible to differentiate smoke-free alternatives from traditional cigarettes with an effort of governments and healthcare organizations and impose different regulations on them, so as to protect public health interests. We have an ambitious goal: we want to replace cigarettes with science-based, smokeless products as soon as possible.", declared Yuri Gordok, General Manager of Philip Morris Caucasus and Moldova. 

IQOS entering the Georgian market will be beneficial for the country as it will promote to create new and significant investments. 

As Yuri Gordok defined, adult smokers, will be able to receive official descriptions about the product which insures to protect them from fake information.

IQOS is an innovative system that is created by the corporation Philip Morris International. It is not a cigarette or a vape. IQOS is a device that heats real tobacco without burning it.