Posted: 4 days ago

Ozurgeti Textile Factory Sews Jeans Clothes for VERO MODA, NEW LOOK, ONLY And Other Famous Brands

The Ozurgeti textile factory in Guria Region sews jeans clothes for URBAN, PIECES, GINA TRICOT, LIU JO, NOISY MAY, VERO MODA, GEORGE, VERO MODA-CURVE, NEW LOOK, ONLY, CUBUS brands.

Ozurgeti Denim company that owns the Ozurgeti textile factory received a land plot for a symbol price several years ago, as part of the Enterprise Georgia state program. The company exports Ozurgeti textile plant products to foreign markets. The investor has fully rehabilitated the destroyed location and infrastructure, Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava said when visiting the enterprise. “The factory employs 150 local residents, including primary women.This plant exports clothes to various countries. We are happy that these people make a contribution to growing Georgia’s export potential thanks to their tireless job. The company plans to expand the business and we will support them thanks to our new programs, including the program for promoting exports fields and domestic production. We will always help investors in implementing such projects to employ our citizens”, Natia Turnava said.