Posted: 5 months ago

Number of Economic Activities, Including Construction and Computer Technology Online Sales to be Permitted

The list of economic activities that have not been restricted to operating under the conditions of an emergency has been expanded.

According to the Resolution No. 211 of the Government of Georgia, these activities include:

Construction of buildings and structures (only for the entities designated by the Government of Georgia), Civil Construction (only for the entities designated by the Government of Georgia), Manufacture of building materials (only for the entities designated by the Government of Georgia), Manufacture and trade of tobacco products (except specializations) Trade booths), Hotels (for quarantine only), Textile washing and dry cleaning, Publishing (Press printing), Television broadcasting, Electronic communications, Insurance and leasing (Remote), Advertising agencies (Remote), Architectural activities , General cleaning of buildings and desinfection, fire service, trade computers, computer peripheral equipment and software (remotely).

According to the ordinance, any economic activity is permitted if it is carried out remotely from home only (without leaving home). Given the specifics of the allowed economic activity, remote work involves working from home, and in critical cases, also from the workplace ("workplace office", but not more than five people).

A list of economic activities that were not affected by the restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus was published on March 30, including: medical facilities, food and animal feed and trading facilities, mills, bakery bakeries, electricity, natural gas, Water distribution A delivery companies, gasoline, diesel supplier entities, banks, microfinance institutions, the press and other booths.

In addition, the Government of Georgia may additionally determine a list of those economic activities and / or facilities / economic entities that are not restricted and whose operation is required during a state of emergency.