Posted: 2 months ago

Noste Plans to Expand its Production

The company manufacturing chicken meat products GPP (presented on the market under the brand "Noste") is expanding its production from the new year, as a result, the company will double the production of raw meat.

Currently, the poultry farm produces up to 8 million eggs per year, of which up to 2 million wings are broiler chickens, which means that they manufacture about 3,000 tons of chicken meat per year.

As the head of the company, Giorgi Firtskhalaishvili, noted, it is planned to increase the assortment, which means shifting the attention to different types of chicken mince and frozen products.

He also discusses the matters of the competition in the market and explains that "Noste" has given local manufacturers a lot of competition by producing high-quality and healthy raw products.

"We succeeded in a fairly short period of time and took a leading position in the market. Within the framework of the new project, the share of "Noste" will increase even more, and I think that we will become a direct competitor of the already imported products in the field of frozen products," stated Firtskhalaishvili.

"Noste" was founded in 2018 and invested 20 million GEL in its development.