Posted: 6 days ago

Noste Expands Production and Opens New Stores with 15 Million Investment 

Georgian Poultry Production (GPP), which is positioning itself on the market under the Noste brand, plans to double its production volume by investing GEL 15 million in 2022 and increase the number of sales outlets.

As Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili, the executive director of the company, told BM.GE, despite the challenges, 2021 was a successful year for the company and the demand for their meat products exceeded the supply by about 30%. Therefore, GPP decided to increase production volumes in 2022.

"We plan to double the farms in 2022, which will increase the total annual production by 3 thousand tons, and accordingly, Noste production will supply the local market with 6 thousand tons of chicken meat per year. Consequently, we meet in 2022 with news and anticipation of a better year.

In addition, we plan to open additional stores in the untapped districts of Tbilisi, so that "Noste" products are more accessible to the population of our city. Also, at the beginning of the year, the company plans to open a new concept store, where, in addition to Noste products, customers will find a wide selection of Georgian products.

According to the plans set by the company in 2022, the number of employees in the company will increase," Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili told BM.GE.

Georgian Poultry Production started selling products under the "Noste" brand in 2020. The company has invested 20 million GEL in business development at the initial stage. As a result, there are more than 40 Noste stores in Tbilisi today; The number of employees in the company reaches 300.