Posted: 1 month ago

Nodar Gorgadze's Harvest Triumph: A Passion for Potato Farming

Farmer Nodar Gorgadze is celebrating a bountiful autumn on his 40-hectare potato farm in the Ninotsminda municipality. He has chosen 'Sofia'—a seed variety imported from Germany—for his crop. With the harvest season in full swing, Gorgadze and his team are busy reaping the rewards of a year's hard work.

The potato harvest may have concluded, but Gorgadze is not one to rest on his laurels. "Once we've completed this phase, we'll commence preparations for next year's yield," he asserts.

Gorgadze is a firm believer in the benefits of fall soil treatment. The winter chill, he says, purges the soil of harmful bacteria, setting the stage for springtime sowing.

"I'm out in the fields every day, overseeing the land. Neglect is not an option if you want success," Gorgadze insists. Regular monitoring of soil and crops is crucial to prevent diseases and to apply treatments when needed. For this, he trusts Bayer's range of products, convinced that high-quality pesticides are crucial for a robust and plentiful harvest.

Technology also plays a pivotal role in his agricultural practice, aiding in both planting and harvesting. Yet, Gorgadze emphasizes that nothing replaces hands-on experience. With over two decades dedicated to farming, he's built a reservoir of knowledge. "My passion for farming is immense, and I am grateful every day that I chose this path," he shares with a sense of satisfaction.