Posted: 5 months ago

New Youth Platform to Enable holding Youth Festivals Throughout Country

In the nearest future, we will create a new youth platform to enable to hold youth festivals throughout the country, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated in his speech at the Student Festival.

The Head of Government emphasized education and youth as an idea of national importance, adding that student youth have always played a special role in Georgia as the driving force behind the country.

"What I value most as an ordinary citizen is that any government should invest available resource in youth, the future of the country, not upcoming elections. The only guarantee to this end is our idea of national importance, one stating that quarter of the budget should be always channeled into education, youth, and the future of our country. We all must support this great idea. I am especially proud to learn about the success of our youth on a daily basis. You are the future and promise of our country. You are the most energetic, active, creative, and uncompromising people when it comes to protecting our country's national interests," the Prime Minister addressed the youth, and thanked the organizers of the Student Festival and the Tbilisi City Hall.

The festival's participants were also addressed by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze.

For the festival, a college town has been set up in the territory adjacent to Olympic Park, where athletic, cultural, and creative activities will be held in the course of ten days. The festival brings together 36 schools of higher education operating in Tbilisi and college towns. The festival's opening ceremony was attended by almost 10,000 students from different schools of higher education.