Posted: 5 months ago

New Inground Swimming Pool to be Opened in Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences Complex

In 2020, new inground swimming pool will be opened in Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences complex. Complex will have finished infrastructure, shop, school, pharmacy, and kindergarten. As Lana Gvinjilia, marketing manager of Tbilisi Hills noted, in 2019 the field of Golf was just as well developed, National Golf championship was held. 

"Our team was participating in the European championship, we also actively collaborate with Georgia's Gold Federation. In Georgia, it is one and only professional Golf course. This year, it occupied 34th place in European rating. This will play a huge role in increasing tourism potential in Georgia.", noted Lana Gvinjilia.

"For our company, this will be the first year, when company actively entered the market of real estate. Many events were held during the last year. Tbilisi Hills is conferred to high-standard real estate, which will cover 331 Hectares. In summer, we opened Tbilisi Hills Restaurant, which turned up as a finalist of Welcome to Georgia in the awarding category of branding restaurants."

Finishing of Tbilisi Hills Golf & Residences complex is planned until 2025. Townhouses and villas will be built, and also 5-star hotel will be maintained near Golf course.

Tbilisi Hills is a project implemented by experienced Portuguese, Finnish and Estonian architects and constructors, headed by Kaamos Group. The investment price in total will be 1$ billion.