Posted: 4 months ago

New Hotel Komorebi to be Opened in Bakuriani

In Bakuriani, 77-room hotel Komorebi was opened. The investment price was 3.5$ million. Owners of the hotel are Tamar Usanetashvili and Lialia Shonia.

Shalva Alaverdashvili, general director of hotel "Komorebi" declared, that the hotel will be suitable for every season. 

"The hotel has its own tours, trainers for skiing, Hotel is located near Kokhtagora, in the forest, where it provides guests with comfortable and cozy space. It is only 100 meters far from the central ski road. It is an ideal location for kids and their parents. We have a playing room and nursey, which whom parent can leave a child.", noted director of "Komorebi".

As he mentioned, maintaining conference hall and sauna will be finished until Spring. 

"We wish to have our own brand on Georgian market. Communicating with tourism companies, we want Komorebi to be favorite place for foreigners apart from Georgians. Moreover, we are negotiating on the markets of Israel, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We hope, that we will be loaded with guests gradually and catch up with the season.", declared Shalva Alaverdashvili.