Posted: 1 week ago

New Georgian Company ''Knut'' Started Production of Almond Snacks

A new company "Knut" has appeared on the Georgian market, which offers customers four different types of almond snacks. Knut flavors include chocolate, salty, roasted, and cinnamon almonds.

The founders of Knut note that the inspiration for the production of knut snacks has become intensive almond orchards, which are actively cultivated in Georgia.

"Intensive almond orchards are being actively cultivated in Georgia. The company, which imports almond seedlings to Georgia, had a test garden, after which we came up with the idea of ​​production. Our goal was to compete for the imported product, today there are fewer Georgian packaged almonds on the shelves, and most of them are handmade. We even wanted it to be an enterprise line.

At the moment, you can find Knut in hypermarkets, but in order for the product to be of mass consumption, we will definitely enter the retail markets as well," said Nutsa Kopaliani, co-founder of Knut at Business Morning. 

Knut was founded 1 year ago. The startup needed to invest 100,000 GEL to run the production line. The founders raised part of the money on their own and were able to mobilize the rest with the help of TBC Bank, in particular, the program "Startuperi".

The startup is planning to expand, adding 2 new flavors in the current season.