Posted: 1 month ago

New Food Venue "Watt's Fish and Chips" in Tbilisi

The new food venue "Watt's Fish and Chips" is opened in Tbilisi. The menu is based on British cuisine.

According to its founder, Marina Merabishvili, currently, the restaurant mainly hosts foreigners, in particular, British and American customers.

Apart from fish and chips, the menu also includes soups and other dishes. As for the prices, they vary from 16 to 30 GEL. 

The first restaurant of Fish and Chips is located in Saburtalo and has a delivery service too. The company uses local raw materials in addition to white fish fillets.

"I learned how to make this product in Scotland. The main line of the restaurant is Fish and Chips. The guests tell us that it tastes very similar to British and has not been tasted similar outside of England. Mostly foreign guests come to us who have tasted and know British cuisine. We want to expand this circle and make our menu loved by Georgian consumers as well.

As for raw materials, potatoes are very important for British people, they do not like frozen ones, therefore, we use products from Akhalkalaki. We import white fish fillets, which have to be specially processed, they are not available in the local market.", Watt's Fish and chips founder noted.