Posted: 6 months ago

New Digital Device OPTIMO to be Set Up

The digital device Optimo which is created for small and medium-sized businesses is set up with the full load.

Above-mentioned device aims to simplify working processes and helps businesses to operate better and develop themselves.

“For us, it was important to satisfy the requirements of partners, so as to operate better and develop business. Therefore, we studied available programs and created new, refined device and made it suitable for our partner’s interests.”, mentioned Nikoloz Popkhadze, head of Optimo business development.

Optimo promotes diverse functionalities and analytics, which are ensuring its partner’s development. It gives them opportunity to receive information from any place, at any time about their business supplies, procurements, selling, income, and profits.

Optimo has refined space of paymaster, where payment is fast and simple. The accountant can seek for the product with different components (photo, bar code, naming, category) and also confirm or receive registrated orders in advance.

Optimo is necessary and available for every business, it gives them information and piece of advice, how to bring business to profit, which is directly proportional to the success of Optimo.