Posted: 1 year ago

Nadi Group Built a New Farm: We will Export 200 Tons of Snails This Year

"We think we will export about 200 tons of snails abroad this year," Merab Nadaraia, the founder of snail production company Nadi Group, said.

It should be noted that in 2022 Nadi Group together with the Norwegian company Arctic Finance created a new company Snail Catch, within the framework of which, the volume of snails bred in the farm will increase dramatically during the year.

"We built a factory on 2000 square meters. 6 hectares, which was previously owned by Nadi Group, was given to Snail Catch. The new company has made investments for the organization of an additional area of 14 hectares", said Merab Nadaraia.
According to him, for the operation of the new company, a factory was built in the village of Menji, Senaki municipality, in which the investment of the Norwegian company totaled 200,000 euros.

“We expect that at the end of 2023, the snail crop will be 200 tons, of which we will probably export 150-180 tonnes. The rest will remain in Georgia as a breeding product. As for exports, the main markets are: France, Italy and Spain.

We are talking about 2 types of snails: one - goes to France and Italy, and the other - works in the Spanish market. That's why we are working in both directions and probably by the end of the year we will have contracts from the buyers," said Nadaraia at BMG.

We remind you that Nadi group has been operating in the direction of snail breeding in Georgia since 2018.