Posted: 2 months ago

Myhome and Visa Launch a new Campaign to Support Local Tourism

Visa today announced the launch of a joint 2-months, “Your Summer is here” campaign with a real estate platform to support domestic tourism in Georgia.

Starting from August 1st, 2020 first 200 consumers booking a property through with their Visa card will receive a 20% of cashback of maximum 100 GEL back to their account. The aim of the campaign is to promote local touristic destinations and support tourism businesses that has been most adversely affected by the pandemic.

The joint campaign “Your Summer is here” is part of Visa’s global initiative “Where You Shop Matters”, designed to support micro and small businesses around the globe as they go through the recovery following the COVID-19 lockdown. In Georgia the initiative has been launched in Georgia with Visa Small Business Hub, a merchant platform providing tools and information on how to start, run and grow small businesses and is powered by a number of Visa activities with banks and merchants.

“It has always been important for Myhome to support and promote domestic tourism, and for this purpose, during 2019, we’ve been introducing different destinations of Georgia to our customers and helped them create an adventure, loaded with impressions. Over the past summer, 125,000 users have found a place, where to stay daily, with the help of our platform. We want to simplify this process even more and create a platform where you can easily find and book a residential apartment, hotel, house, or a cottage” – said Madona Kachkachashvili, Myhome Product Owner.

“Small businesses are at the center of our local communities and global economies. Being a global brand we’re well aware of how important it is to be locally relevant and contribute to the communities we are part of. Especially now that we’re going through these hard times. With this campaign and “Where You Shop Matters” global initiative we support small businesses as well as encourage consumers to think of the positive impact each of them can make for the local travel industry. We are committed to helping small businesses thrive and expand their purchasing power through Visa’s fast, convenient and secure digital payment options and we will continue to support the big potential of small businesses, everywhere.” – said Cristina Doros, Visa Regional Manager for the Caucasus region.