Posted: 1 month ago

Mtevino Becomes a Winner of National Tourism Award

Mtevino, a new brand that started to operate in 2020, in the middle of a crisis, became a winner of the National Tourism Award. 

Business development manager in Tourism and HoReCa sector, Natia Jijiashvili mentioned with Commersant, that despite a difficult year, Mtevino has not stopped for one day. During this period, the hotel was receiving guests and offered them high-quality service, comfortable resting space. Therefore, Natia Jijiashvili thinks, that they got the price they deserved. 

"Welcome to Georgia's National Tourism Award is the highest award and a huge motivation for Georgian-based businesses. This is the reason why we were eager to participate in the competition."




Weddings, conferences, corporational meetings are the reason why Mtevino was actively working during 2020. As Natia Jijiashvili added, the hotel was working with 90% loading. 




"Last year, our plan included several directions of development. One of them was arranging culinary master class spaces and hosting conferences. This direction has greatly worked for us in the fall. We hosted a huge amount of groups. In October, we started a vintage. Visitors were gathering grapes, then they were going into the culinary space and were preparing the dishes all by themselves. The hotel was loaded with guests, we also had a wonderful wedding. I think we gained devoted customers very soon.", noted Natia Jijiashvili.