Posted: 1 month ago

Mountain Resorts Solutions - Unique Project at Gudauri Ski Resort

Mountain Resorts Solutions is the project supported by TBC. It is a provider of 4 season resorts development equipment and solutions, which include maintenance of avalanche systems, development of ski slopes and ropes, special mining equipment, artificial snowmaking system.

"We had a pretty difficult year, however, we made it and we implemented the complex project of defensive structures that prevent the formation of avalanches. Within the framework of the project, we brought a famous Austrian company of aircraft - Wucher Helicopter and a team of professional pilots. We invited our subcontractor company - Caucasus Road Project - for construction and installation works. With their help, at an altitude of 3200-3300 meters above sea level, we installed a 20-unit avalanche system - GAZEX.", noted the founder of the company, Sergi Shugarovi.

Due to the pandemic, they were not suspended and they continued to implement projects, however, the problem was the arrival and departure of each of our foreign partners

"Nevertheless, we did not lose a single minute and we fulfilled the obligations we had in a timely manner. It gives us confidence that we are on the right track."

As for the future plans, they consider various projects, which are artificial snowmaking systems in Bakuriani, urban cable road project in Tbilisi, on which Tender will be announced and Mountain Resorts Solutions will participate, and the rest projects include infrastructure against avalanches.