Posted: 10 months ago

Modernizing Viticulture: Kote Kvernadze's Innovative Approach to Grape Farming in Georgia

Kote Kvernadze, a contemporary farmer, tends to his Sartichala vineyard with the care and devotion typically reserved for a child. According to Kvernadze, grapes—especially table varieties—warrant such meticulous attention. Unlike grapes used for wine-making, table grapes must meet not only quality criteria but also aesthetic standards.

"What captivates me about farming is the sense of freedom, the intimate connection to nature, and the lack of competition in this sector within Georgia," Kvernadze remarks. Indeed, his approach to presenting table grapes—packaged and sorted—has introduced a groundbreaking change to the Georgian market.

To ensure a bountiful and high-quality harvest, Kvernadze employs state-of-the-art irrigation and anti-hail systems. He opts for BAYER's cutting-edge pesticides to protect his crops. Additionally, he conducts annual soil tests to optimize nutrient management for his vines. For these analyses, he relies on Yara's reputable analytical laboratory.

As autumn approaches, Kvernadze is in preparation for the season's harvest—details of which will be featured in the "Modern Farmer" column of "Agrosphere" magazine.