Posted: 1 month ago

Mkisa Starts Producing Blueberries

"Mkisa" cultivated a corn field and almond orchard on the tens of hectares. It already harvested the corn and supplied it to the local market. 

Currently, works are underway to plant blueberry orchards on 20 hectares. 

Mkisa ”is a distinguished initiative in the agriculture industry. It is smart, purposeful, and has big plans in the field of agronomy. "Mkisa" has already planted an almond orchard on 10 hectares, a cornfield on 24 hectares, and a good harvest, about 13 tons per hectare. The achievement of all this is the merit of a qualified team and modern technologies. For example, one such technology is our own meteorological station, which provides a lot of significant information in addition to the weather forecast, including wind speed and its direction, precipitation and humidity, and most importantly, with its help, we can determine how our seedlings feel.", noted the head of marketing of "Mkisa", Tako Akhvlediani.

"Mkisa" has been operating in the field of agriculture for just one year and is currently carrying out works in several regions of Georgia: in Bolnisi, Khobi, and Tskaltubo. The company invested more than 600,000 GEL and regularly employs 15 people.