Posted: 1 week ago

MIT’s Biggest Innovative Network Grants Membership to First Georgian University

For the first time in Georgia, the Martin Trust Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has granted membership to a Georgian University. Business and Technology University is the region’s first university that has become a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The agreement calls for implementing various joint projects and improving the entrepreneurial environment in the country, support of startups, and stimulating innovative developments. MIT is an influential member of the international innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Martin Trust Center was created as an advanced institution in this field in order to share challenges and required knowledge and experience of the 21st century. According to the studies, the center members create millions of new job places every year.

The members have established over 30,000 companies. They have generated incomes of over $2 trillion. The center’s economic scales exceed the GDP of the world’s 10th economy. Membership of this major international network creates unprecedented opportunities for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Thanks to the BTU membership, all Georgia-based startups, small and medium businesses, angel investors, and various foundations will have access to the international network of Martin Trust Center, the center-organized various events and conferences, the newest studies and literature, and other resources. The visibility of Georgian startups will increase in the international ecosystem. Experts affiliated with Martin Trust Center will hold webinars and workshops at BTU, share weekly analytical materials. Participation in VELTA V on DemoDay organized by MIT in NYC, Cambridge, and Silicon Valley, enables to establish ties with venture foundations, investors, Silicon Valley startups. Entrepreneurial symposiums and conferences are held every year as part of the event to introduce the newest achievements and tendencies. Martin Trust Center membership also provides an access to Online Module designed for beginner entrepreneurs and encompasses various resources and devices for startup development. Furthermore, the BTU membership center will publish the book by Bill Aulet, founder of Martin Trust Center.

This book called “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” is the world’s one of the fundamental handbooks. The presentation of the book will be held in spring 2021. The agreement on Martin Trust Center membership was signed as part of the partnership between MIT and Business and Technology University. For the first time in our region, MIT global startup LAB was established on the basis of BTU in 2020 and held the startup acceleration program.

The program was held at BTU for 4 weeks. The project was carried out by 4 startup mentors invited from MIT with the participation of 28 students, including 18 students of Business and Technology University and 10 students from various universities of Georgia. At the end of the project, startups DemoDay will be held for domestic and international experts.