Posted: 1 month ago

Ministry of Defense Established Joint Company with Polish WB Electronics to Produce Drones

The company "Delta" under the Ministry of Defense will start producing Georgian drones by the end of the year. Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze spoke about the new project while addressing the parliament.

In December 2021, Delta and Polish military technology firm WB Electronics established a joint venture, Delta-WB Ltd, in which they own a 50% -50% stake.

WB Electronics itself manufactures reconnaissance and attack drones for the Polish Armed Forces.

Delta WB Ltd will launch Georgian unmanned aerial vehicles by the end of the year. According to the agency, work has begun on repairing and upgrading existing self-propelled artillery systems. In the direction of integration into the system, which allows to increase the accuracy of damage and reduce the time of fire production, as well as work on the production and purchase of mortars, including mobile/self-propelled mortars.

With the support of Tbilaviamsheni and Delta, the restoration-rehabilitation-modernization works of the existing aircraft are actively underway. There were 6 Su-25s, as well as 4 Mi-24s, 3 Iroquois UH-1Hs, and or -2s. This process is ongoing and modernization/development of other aircraft is planned.

The process of production of automatic GI-4-type rifles of NATO standards has started. 5 units of the sample are being tested by different methods. "After testing the weapons, the enterprise will start functioning properly," the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.