Posted: 1 year ago

Mikheil Khidureli: Major Hollywood Film Studios are Considering Filming in Georgia

Mikheil Khidureli, Director of the Produce in Georgia Agency, met with leading companies in the world film industry within the framework of the state program "Film in Georgia".

Together with representatives of Georgian production companies, Mikheil Khidureli participated in various high-level meetings and conferences, including the prestigious event Produced By Conference organized by the American Producers Guild.

According to Mikheil Khidureli, during his visit to Hollywood, quite fruitful and productive meetings were held with leading film production companies such as Universal Pictures, HBO, Warner Bro, Disney, Paramount, Lionsgate and 20th Century Studios. According to him, the current trends in the film industry and relevant public-private partnerships were discussed during the meeting.

"During the visit, active negotiations on specific films and serials were held with three major studios, with which we discussed various important details. Our visit to Hollywood reaffirms that, as a result of the coercive pandemic caused by cowardice, Georgia remains an attractive location for the Hollywood film industry, especially since we have proven that we can carry out such an important project as Forsage 9. These meetings have shown that Georgia is still actual in Hollywood, and leading international film companies know that Georgia is ready to cooperate flexibly and effectively with large film studios and create all the conditions for them to film," - said Mikheil Khidureli.