Posted: 4 years ago

Mikheil Batiashvili to Implement the Project of Artificial Intelligence University

Former Minister of Education Mikheil Batiashvili will implement the first large-scale project of artificial intelligence university in the region in partnership with international companies - HP and Microsoft.

Mikheil Batiashvili will serve as the chairman of the supervisory board of both universities.

“This will be the first educational space across the region to integrate artificial intelligence into education and business sectors, generating innovation, research, training and development. The university will be provided with high-tech laboratories, co-working spaces, research centers, e-libraries, training auditoriums and various other resources needed to carry out activities, ”said at the university.

According to them, plans announced by the university also include the launch of HP's powerful, high-tech technology lab, Microsoft's implementation of university-based training and research projects. They include AI Business School, AI Academy and more; Organizing scientific conferences, summits and workshops on artificial intelligence; Conduct research projects with international partners, integrate artificial intelligence applications into the country's advanced industries, forecast prospects, as well as accelerate and incubate new startups, and support development in international markets.

According to the BTU, MBZUAI's initiative, the world's first artificial intelligence university, was announced in October 2019 in Abu Dhabi and will start operating in September 2020.

BTU AI will be the first university in the region to work on promoting learning, research and startups for the development of artificial intelligence. International organizations predict that the global market for artificial intelligence will reach $ 4 trillion by 2022. Its capabilities will be used by large industries to increase the efficiency of manufacturing, healthcare, finance, agriculture, security and other sectors.

"The demand for artificial intelligence specialists is growing rapidly, so it's one of the highest-paid fields in the world. The growing demand for staff has led to the need for relevant educational programs that will be fully met by BTU AI, ”the university said.