Posted: 4 years ago

Metro Georgia Works on Loss - Amount of Passengers Decreased by 80%

By the decision of the Georgian government, from today, routed taxicabs stop functioning temporarily. At this moment, Metro Georgia continues to work, which ensures the intercity transferring of passengers. 

Marketing manager of the company, Lasha Kenchadze notes, that they only work on Batumi-Tbilisi direction, but the amount of trips is reduced. As he noted, the quantity of passengers is significantly decreased.

"According to the given circumstances, the amount of passengers is decreased indeed. After closing the borders with Azerbaijani and Turkey, international trips are not available anymore. There are some intercity transferring, but the amount of them is decreased. Quantity of passengers is reduced by 60%. Because of the preventions, we disinfect the buses.", declared Lasha.

Metro Georgia has not changed its tariffs despite the amount of passengers. 

"As long as there is a demand, we work. This week is crucial. We will examine the situation. Factually, we are already working on our new loss, but I don't know the exact numbers.", noted Lasha Kenchadze.