Posted: 5 months ago

MediclubGeorgia Introduces Revolutionary Knee Replacement Method: The Persona System"

MediclubGeorgia has set a new precedent in orthopedics and healthcare in Eastern Europe and Transcaucasia. It is the first medical facility in these regions, including Georgia, to implement the ground-breaking PERSONA System for total knee replacement surgeries.

On June 29th, this innovative surgical procedure was performed for the first time at Mediclub Georgia. Under the expert leadership of orthopedic traumatologist Dr. Giorgi Zimlitski, this marked a significant milestone in regional healthcare, paving the way for advanced orthopedic treatments.

In a venture supported by S2S Zimmer Biomet, Dr. Zimlitski had previously executed state-of-the-art total knee arthroplasty procedures utilizing the Persona system. This collaborative initiative took place in August 2022 alongside Dr. Jean Tomas, head of the Hessing Clinic department in Augsburg, Germany.

Reflecting on the experience, Dr. Zimlitski said, "Our visit to the Hessing Clinic represented a crucial phase of mutual cooperation, encompassing preliminary steps towards the introduction of this unique, cutting-edge method of endoprosthetics in Georgia. This progressive technology enables patients to regain mobility without assistance or discomfort in record time! The implant's anatomical design allows for maximum preservation of bone mass and anatomy, facilitating a smooth and swift post-operative rehabilitation! This is the hallmark of the Persona system's knee replacement approach. The inauguration of this surgery in Georgia is a significant stride forward, not just for the field of orthopedics and traumatology, but also for the advancement and recognition of Georgian medicine."

Dr. Zimlitski's association with the Persona system dates back to 2019 when he completed a successful fellowship program at Yale University. Since then, he has been invited several times to the endoprosthesis center for enhancing his expertise. Moreover, since January 2020, Dr. Zimlitski has been performing partial knee replacements in Georgia using the ZimmerBiomet Persona system.