Posted: 6 months ago

MDF - Abastumani will be Fully Renovated Resort for 2022

The second stage of Abastumani urban renewal work starts. Municipal Development Fund announced a tender procurement of 51 million.

Works for Abastumani renewal include rehabilitation of the river Otskhe, bridges, and main road. Also, it is planned to arrange recreational and tourism infrastructure in the resort.

MDF says, that Abastumani will be a fully renovated resort for 2022.

To complete the formation of Abastumani as a modern resort, 18 historical houses built in the XIX-XX centuries were rehabilitated, together with Evgeni Kharadze's National Astrophysical Observatory and the ropeway built in 1982.

At this moment, they continue to rehabilitate the 77-km road which connects Bagdadi-Abastumani with each other.

The second stage works for Abastuman are supported by the World Bank.