Posted: 3 weeks ago

"Marneuli Food Factory" Expands Exports to Australia, New Zealand, and Cuba

"Marneuli Food Factory," a prominent Georgian producer, has now extended its market reach to Australia, New Zealand, and Cuba, marking a significant expansion in its international presence.

Vano Tsukilashvili, the company's director, shared with "Business Partner" that this is the first time "Marneuli Food Company" has exported to these three countries. The company already boasts a global footprint, selling its products in around 10 countries, including the USA and various European nations.

Tsukilashvili revealed that while 80% of their products are sold domestically, the remaining 20% are earmarked for international markets. He noted that the company’s sales figures for this year are nearly on par with those from the same period last year.

The director emphasized the company's ongoing commitment to market research, ensuring a focus on products that resonate with consumer demands.

Currently, "Marneuli Food Factory" produces an array of about 60 items, including pickles, sauces, adjika, tomato paste, and various jams. Marinades and sauces stand out as the most sought-after products, according to Tsukilashvili.

A reminder for context: "Marneuli Food Factory" is Georgia's largest food manufacturing plant, operational since 2007. Located in Kvemo Kartli, 40 kilometers from Tbilisi, the factory processes around 10,000 tons of raw materials annually.

Equipped with machinery from leading European companies like Fenco, Niko, FAM, PETEK, and Krones AG, the factory sources its raw materials from its partner, "Marneuli Agro," as well as from over 150 Georgian farmers.