Posted: 2 weeks ago

Maister Power – An Innovative Herbicide Offering a New Vision for Corn Protection

For a high-quality corn crop without losses, you should get acquainted with Bayer's unique selective herbicide, Maister Power. With its innovative formulation, this herbicide guarantees long-term protection of corn from weeds, ensuring both high yield and quality.

What Makes Maister Power Innovative?

Maister Power is a unique post-emergence herbicide effective against a wide range of weeds without the need for an attractant. It efficiently controls annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds, including species such as ryegrass and ragweed. The drug, created with innovative technology, combines three highly effective active substances and an antidote in one formulation, which eliminates plant stress and ensures its safety.

In addition to its effective "burning effect" on the mass of weeds, Maister Power is also distinguished by its soil activity, protecting the corn crop from weed emergence throughout the vegetation period.

When Should You Use the Herbicide?

Maister Power should be used in corn crops during the 3-6 leaf phase. As with any plant protection product, it is crucial to follow the appropriate recommendations. As a selective herbicide, Maister Power does not damage or stress the corn plants when used correctly. It is especially effective against young weeds, so it is important to treat the plot before the weeds grow too much. Avoid using the herbicide in adverse weather conditions, such as stress or temperatures higher than 25°C, to prevent unwanted processes and a decrease in its efficiency.

Regardless of the recommendations provided, we advise consulting with Agrosphere consultants before using the herbicide. They will assess your needs and provide you with detailed instructions for greater effectiveness and safety. You can purchase Maister Power from the Agrosphere online store.