Posted: 4 months ago

Luxurious Green Cape Botanic Complex: An Iconic Seaside Residential Oasis Completed

The uniquely located "Mtsvane Kontskhi Botanico," a joint endeavor by "Silk Development" and "Anagi," has been successfully completed and is now poised to welcome its new residents. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Black Sea, the Botanico complex is nestled within lush, subtropical vegetation, making it one of the most stunning residential paradises in the Adjara region.

Just a short nine-kilometer distance from Batumi's heart and a mere two-minute stroll from the Botanical Garden, this residential complex spans a sprawling 1.5 hectares. Its prime location offers residents unparalleled sea vistas and easy access to a serene pebble beach. Each of the residences within the complex has been thoughtfully designed to ensure all-encompassing, 180-degree sea views.

The project's proximity to the Botanical Garden, renowned for its historical and diverse flora collection, further accentuates the rich biodiversity offered by the region's subtropical microclimate.

The Botanico complex comprises three distinct structures. These include two residential buildings, hosting a total of 80 fully furnished apartments, along with an entertainment block complete with outdoor swimming facilities, a children's pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant.

Each of the 80 apartments adheres to the highest international standards and comes fully equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities including an individual heating and air conditioning system, kitchen appliances, and a cutting-edge "smart home" system, ensuring a premium living experience.

The complex offers a diverse selection of apartments, ranging from 42 m2 studio apartments to spacious 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. Each of these includes generous balcony and veranda space, accounting for approximately 20-30% of the total area, further enhancing the residents' connection to the sea, sun, and nature.

"With the successful completion of the Green Cape Botanic complex, we're thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to experience first-hand the sublime combination of luxury and nature. Our primary objective is to offer an unparalleled living experience imbued with a myriad of leisure and wellness activities. We're proud of the high-quality work delivered by Anagi and the unique design rendered by MUA. Additionally, the Silk Hospitality team's expertise ensures year-round comfort and top-tier services for our residents," said Giorgi Kapanadze, Silk Development's Director of Business Development.

Each Silk Development project stands out for its bespoke approach. Collaborating closely with international and local architectural firms, they aim to design each project to harmoniously blend with its unique environment and location. Commitment to unique architecture, premium-quality building materials, and adherence to the highest safety standards are their primary focuses.

About Silk Development: An arm of the Silk Road Group, Silk Development leverages the group's vast hospitality experience to execute exceptional real estate projects throughout Georgia.