Posted: 1 week ago

Luca Polare to Open a New Branch in Rustavi

Luca Polare will open a new branch in Rustavi at the beginning of May.

As the head of marketing of the company, Ana Tsitskishvili mentioned, Rustavi has been waiting for Luca Polare for years. They were planning to open a branch there last year, however, that did not happen due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Rustavi will have a full-format cafe-freezer, which means indoor and outdoor seating, a terrace. Located in the corner of the main square of the city, in one of the historic buildings. It is a very good place and I think it will beautify Rustavi. The branch will employ up to 10 local staff who have already been selected and we will start training them this week. 

Apart from Rustavi, we want to open an additional branch in one of the new cities, which we'll remain as a surprise. However, there are great expectations from the customers and we are sure we will make many customers happy. It can be said that this year was dedicated to regional development. ”, noted Ani Tsitskishvili.

Currently, Luca Polare's every branch is open and the working processes will also be renewed at Batumi boulevard in May. 

Luca Polare has 18 branches in total, and several of them are seasonal and are located in Kobuleti and Batumi.