Posted: 2 weeks ago

LUCA POLARE Decides to Produce Brand Easter Cakes in 2021

Luca Polare has decided to produce Easter Cake in 2021.
As the company marketing director Ani Tsitskishvili told Business Partner, the market records a growing demand.
Easter Cake is not our core product, but the 2020 demand for Easter Cakes was so big and our services were so good that the company has decided to produce Easter Cakes in 2021 too, Ani Tsitskishvili said.
“We do not have a confectionaries production line, but the growing demand for Easter Cakes has made us produce this product in 2021 too. Prices have slightly risen as compared to the previous year. We constantly try to maintain prices, but sometimes, there is no way out.
We produce brand Easter Cakes. One variety is with citron and another one is with fried almond and chocolate. Our products are available at all branches, excluding shopping malls. We produce 800-gram Easter Cakes and the price is GEL 20”, Ani Tsitskishvili said.