Posted: 1 month ago

Lost Ridge Inn, Brewery & Ranch - Business in an Abandoned Village

Tourism facility integrated into the abandoned village, Qedeli of Signagi Municipality, Lost Ridge Inn, Brewery & Ranch is nominated for TBC Business Award, as a good example for adaptation. 

Eco-tourism facility unites hotel, horse ranch, and brewery.

"The first thing we made after the crisis started was moving here. The team worked on the idea diligently, we reconsidered the prices and almost halved the cost of staying here. This enabled us to adapt to the current circumstances. We can't preserve and close this place, we care about our employees, the minimum income is utterly important for locals.", noted co-founder of the company, Ia Tabagari.

The company offers customers tours in Signagi and surrounding territories. 

Horse riding lessons are available in both Georgian and foreign languages for everyone.

Nearly 10 hotel rooms are reserved on weekends in the period of the pandemic, but within the background of nearly no bank obligations, the facility retains itself with such a load.

The brewery, which functions in the building of the hotel, produces craft beer with Belgian technology, American hop, and malt.

The tourism facility also plans to create a pottery workshop in the future.