Posted: 1 week ago

Lentekhi Mountain Inn Plans to Build a Cottage

Lentekhi Mountain Inn is a family-run guest house located in Lentekhi, Kvemo Svaneti, and offers accommodation, masterclasses of the local cuisine and hiking as well as car tours throughout the region.

"Our hotel is distinguished by its own forest and location, and we also offer ecologically clean products to our customers. For instance, some of them are harvested by us, including corn, beans, vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mountain potatoes, which are roasted in Svan salt.

Since we have had occasions when we could not meet the demand due to the lack of space, we plan to build a cottage, which will be located in our yard, from where also excellent panoramic views unfold and attract a lot of visitors. Currently, we are participating in the competition announced by "Enterprise Georgia", where we have moved to the second stage and we have high hopes that we will succeed. A total amount of investment in building one cottage will be approximately up to 40,000 GEL.", noted co-founder of Lentekhi Mountain Inn, Nino Petelava.